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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • The event platform is best accessed using browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  We recommend that you don't use Internet Explorer for this event as the event platform is not optimised for this browser. 
  • Looking for information on a particular topic of presentation? Click the Topics button on the left hand side menu and choose from the listing.  The topics match those on your CPD Learning Plan.
  • Want more information about a session, speakers, attendees or sponsors? These are easily accessed via the left hand side menu. 

How Do I Set Up My Profile?

Upon logging in to the virtual event platform, go to the Account button at the top, right of the screen and select Edit Profile from the dropdown list. You’re encouraged to add a photo, short biography, and links to your social media accounts.

How Do I Join A Session?

Go to the Program tab for an overview of the conference program. To join a live session or a talk, simply click on the Watch Live button on the top menu to join live presentations.

How Can I Find Other Attendees?

Information about attendees can be found on the Delegate List tab. Click an attendee’s profile to read more about them or send a direct message.

Click on the Chat function to start a conversation.

You will appear on this list when you set your profile to public, however please note that you won't be able to see your own name on this list as you can't interact with your own profile but others will be able to. 

How Do I Chat to Other Participants?

During each session, a 'Live Stream' Chat panel is visible where you can chat with other attendees and submit event questions that you may have. For questions specifically to Moderators/Speakers, please post it under the Questions section below the Live Stream chat. 
You can click Chat on the Delegate List tab to search for a participant to start a conversation. The Chat button is also available on the top banner to view your current chats and group conversations.

How Do I Connect with an Exhibitor?

Click on the Sponsors and Exhibitors tab in the left menu and then click on the company you wish to view. You will be able to connect by clicking the Connect with Exhibitor button to send a message or using the chat function on their page. Scroll to the bottom of their page to view and download any resources that have been made available by the exhibitor.

How Do I Complete the Multiple Choice Questions?

You will find the Multiple Choice Questions for those that have them, via the link on each in the Presentation Overview.
Click on the link to access the Multiple Choice Questions within the WAVE 2021 Delegate Connect website. You will be able to see your score immediately and retry unlimited times if you score less than 50%. Once you pass the MCQS for that talk, you are able to download a certificate for your own records and your CPD will be updated 2 weeks after the WAVE conference.

Where Do I Access The Speakers’ Presentation Materials?

If a speaker has agreed to share their presentation materials, they will be available on the Resources section of their Speaker page. You can also access their presentation materials in their respective Sessions on the Agenda page.

Note that not all speakers have agreed to share their materials for attendee download. However, all live content will be available on-demand, including slides presented during that session, and you may re-watch at your convenience

How Can I Learn More About The Speakers?

Information about the speakers can be found on the Presenters tab in the left menu. Read more about each speaker, their talks, and download their available resources.

Will Sessions Be Recorded?

Yes, all live presentations will be recorded and will be available exclusively to ticketholders on this platform from 1st April 2021 for 6 months.   You will be able to locate the recordings by clicking on the presentation title from the Program or within the Presentations tab.

I Need Tech Support. What Should I Do?

If you’re in the platform and need technical assistance, hit the pink chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. 


WAVE offers both onsite and virtual delegates the opportunity to achieve 15.5 CPD Hours, including 10 Therapeutic Hours & 5 Interactive Hours. 

How can I achieve the maximum CPD Hours available at WAVE?
If you attend in full, all the grouped sessions over the weekend and choose to complete all the optional MCQs set on both Saturday & Sunday, passing 3 or more on each set of 5 questions, you will score the maximum available.  

Do Virtual Delegates have the ability to score the same hours as an Onsite Delegate, in particular the Interactive Hours?
Yes, they do. Your time spent online watching WAVE 2021 is calculated and you must watch all of the presentations within a 2hr or 1hr grouped session to score for that particular component. 

How will it work for a Virtual Delegate taking part in an Interactive session?
Virtual Delegates will be organized into small Zoom breakout rooms when the presenter invites you to take part in a discussion between your fellow WAVE Virtual delegates.
It's a simple process to open Zoom via the link assigned to you & just as simple to return to watch the rest of the live presentation on the WAVE Delegate Connect website.
Onsite Delegates will be seated in discussion groups prior to the start of the interactive session.

How long after WAVE do I get to complete the MCQS?
The MCQs will be available to delegates on the WAVE Delegate Connect website from the 9am Friday 19th March to 9am Monday 29th March 2021.  You can view the questions, download the questions and attempt the questions online as many times as you like during the time available.

How many MCQS are there and what are they worth in time?
There are 7 sets of MCQS on Saturday and 7 sets of MCQS on Sunday.
Each set contains 5 questions and to pass, you need to correctly answer 3 out of 5 each set.  Passing a set of 5 questions allows you to score an additional 15 minutes towards the maximum CPD hours advertised.

 WAVE Live offers both onsite and virtual delegates the opportunity to achieve 15.5 CPD Hours, including 10 Therapeutic Hours & 5 Interactive Hours.

WAVE Recorded - On Demand - Post Event

WAVE 2021 has the ability to offer all presentations as on-demand, recorded CPD sessions to all registered WAVE delegates for 6 months from the 1st April 2021.
The recorded sessions will be available from 1st April onwards on the WAVE 2021 Delegate Connect website to all WAVE registered delegates.   Simply login using your WAVE login & password to access the on demand recordings and any MCQs available. 

I have registered to attend WAVE Virtually but I can't watch all the sessions live, can I watch the recorded versions and still gain CPD hours?
 Yes you can however in some cases the CPD point allocation may be slightly less when accessing a recording as you may not be able to include interactive discussions. 

Does WAVE Recorded offer the same CPD Hours available at the WAVE conference weekend?

 Not quite but very close.  WAVE Recorded will offer slightly less due to the removal of the interactive component but you will be able to watch individual 30 or 60 minute sessions as you wish, whereas WAVE Live you must watch all of the content within the 2hr or 1hr grouped sessions to score your CPD.

Will WAVE Recorded offer the same CPD Hours classification as at the WAVE conference?
 WAVE Recorded will allow you to score Independent Learning Hours, which will include Therapeutic Hours.  You will not score Face to Face nor Interactive points by watching the recordings.  However, once you have completed watching an on-demand recorded session, your CPD Learning Plan will automatically be populated as completed & await the entry of your learning reflections. 

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